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  1. Diamond

    • Wasmer is an open-source WebAssembly runtime built with Rust. It enables developers to run standalone WebAssembly binaries or embed a WebAssembly runtime in their applications. It also recently launched a package manager dedicated to WebAssembly packages: WAPM.

    • Mozilla is a non-profit with a mission: to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. An Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.

    • Google Developers aims to build powerful platforms and products that enable innovation, working in close partnership with the developer and entrepreneur communities. Whether you’re in the process of developing your app, looking to engage with users, or monetize your product - Google Developers has the tools to help you along the way.

    • Transparent Systems is transforming payments with instant, cryptographic settlement solutions through our secure, integrative platform built with Rust. Our mission is to bring financial accessibility, efficiency, and transparency worldwide, starting with B2B payments and treasury management. We have a strong engineering culture that represents our core values of collaboration, diversity and accountability.

  2. Gold

    • Ferrous Systems provides consulting, training, and made-to-measure solutions based on our expertise in the Rust programming language. Let us help give your business a boost by making your embedded, networking, or distributed systems faster and more reliable. Ferrous Systems: Rust Knowledge Collected.

    • Baidu X-Lab is the research lab developing the core security capabilities across Baidu’s products and services. The team focuses on the areas of next-generation security architectures, open-source security infrastructures, ecosystem cooperation and more. X-Lab has made outstanding achievements, which have been recognized globally by Internet software vendors, service providers, as well as international security communities. The X-Lab has released several open source Rust projects: MesaTEE Rust SGX SDK, MesaLock Linux, MesaLink TLS and so on.

    • CodeChain is an open source blockchain tailored to support regulatory compliance and chain-level privacy for the next generation of digital securities. Its vertical technology stack covers from security issuance to post-issuance governance. KYC requirements, tier1 privacy, voting, dividend payouts, vesting, account-freezes, etc., all these are already in place, and new requirements can be easily added.

    • Solana is a high performance blockchain which can achieve up to 50-80k transactions/second on a 1gb network across 200 nodes without data.

    • Qumulo is a Seattle based data storage startup. We are building solutions that will permanently change the enterprise storage marketplace, improving quality and increasing service standards. We are dedicated to building not only to a fast, reliable product, but providing customers with a seamless user experience and unprecedented visibility on their data.

    • DFINITY is reimagining the Internet as a public network that hosts secure software and services. The Internet Computer is a new technology stack that is unhackable, fast, scales to billions of users around the world, and supports a new kind of autonomous software that promises to reverse Big Tech’s monopolization of the internet. DFINITY was founded in 2016 by Dominic Williams.

    • With Sigma, nothing stands between you and your data. Our next-generation interface enables users to explore, analyze, and visualize data without the help of a data specialist. It’s time to break down the barriers to creating actionable analytics.

    • Cloudflare is a leading security, performance, and reliability company. Today the company runs one of the world’s largest networks that powers more than 19M Internet properties, with nearly 10% of the Fortune 1,000 companies and approximately 19% of the top 10,000 websites using at least one Cloudflare product.

    • Oasis Labs is building a privacy-first cloud computing platform using blockchain and secure computing technologies. We use Rust as our primary development language.

    • Coming soon!

    • AWS services are trusted by millions of active customers around the world—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—to power their infrastructure, make them more agile, and lower costs. Whether you're looking for compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality, AWS has the services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

    • Coming soon!

    • Ticketmaster is the world’s largest ticket marketplace and the global market leader in live event ticketing products and services. Through official partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, sports teams, festivals, performing arts centers and theaters, Ticketmaster now processes over 500 million tickets per year across 29 different countries. Ticketmaster is based in Hollywood, California and is a part of Live Nation Entertainment

  3. Bronze

    • From deep in the heart of San Francisco’s start-up gulch, No Starch Press carefully crafts the finest in geek entertainment. The growing list of award-winning No Starch Press bestsellers covers topics like LEGO, hacking, STEM, programming, science, and math. Our titles have personality, our authors are passionate, and our books tackle topics that people care about.

    • Parity Technologies builds technologies for the emerging decentralised web 3.0—mostly in Rust! Best known for Parity, the most advanced Ethereum client, they continue to advance core blockchain infrastructure with Polkadot—an ambitious protocol that addresses blockchain governance, interoperability, and scalability issues. Through their enterprise initiatives, they are solving the problems unaddressed by conventional server-client architecture.

    • Meet FullStory, the app that captures all your customer experience data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Our tiny script unlocks pixel-perfect session playback, automatic insights, funnel analytics, and robust search and segmentation – empowering everyone in your organization to help build the best online experience for your customers.

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RustConf is presented by Skylight

Skylight is a smart profiler that lets you quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues with your Rails apps where it matters: in production. It's built by the fine folks at Tilde Inc, who have spent the last few years building open source projects like Ember, Handlebars and Rails itself. Visit to start your free trial.

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