RustConf is an opportunity to meet and learn from some of the community's brightest developers. Here's our lineup for 2019.

  • Steve Klabnik
    • Keynote Speaker
    • Core Team
    • Trainer

    Steve Klabnik

  • Florian Gilcher
    • Keynote Speaker
    • Trainer

    Florian Gilcher

  • Lin Clark
    • Keynote Speaker

    Lin Clark


  • Irina Shestak

    Irina Shestak

    Irina is a Berlin-via-London-via-Vancouver engineer writing JavaScript and Rust over at MongoDB. Irina has given talks at conferences around the world about her various adventures in the world of programming, including JSConfAU, NodeFest Tokyo, NordicJS and BrazilJS. Outside of writing code in the code editor™, she makes zines (such as Data Ownership in Rust, Traits Traits Traits, A Smol Zine on HTTP/2), pets her cats Chashu and Nori, and maintains (give or take) 40 house plants.

  • Shoumik Palkar

    Shoumik Palkar

    Shoumik Palkar is a 4th year PhD student at Stanford University, working with Prof. Matei Zaharia on high-performance data analytics. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

  • Oliver Schneider

    Oliver Schneider

    Oli is working as a computer science researcher and is finishing up his PhD on user defined compiler extensions. After contributing to the Rust compiler for two years he joined the compiler team last year. When Oli isn't hacking on Rust, you can find him reading scifi, playing board games, or taking long hikes with his dog Fuchur.

  • Isobel Redelmeier

    Isobel Redelmeier

    Isobel Redelmeier has pushed code in more languages than she can keep track of, but Rust is by far her favourite. She is currently an Open Source Engineer at LightStep, where she focuses on observability - including observing the sorts of problems that Rust is great at fixing! She previously worked at Pivotal on Cloud Foundry and assorted projects through Pivotal Labs, and loves security and DevOps.

  • Jonathan Pallant

    Jonathan Pallant

    I am a Senior Consultant at 42 Technology in Cambridge, England. I have an MEng in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick and 15 years commercial experience developing embedded systems and test infrastructure.

  • Jeremy Fitzhardinge

    Jeremy Fitzhardinge

    Jeremy is a long-time C/systems/kernel hacker who has simply had enough of C. When he discovered Rust it was a revelation: a language which could fit into every domain C could, while being much safer and more powerful. Since joining Facebook three years ago, he has been spreading his love for Rust. He lives in San Francisco with his family.

  • Nick Fitzgerald

    Nick Fitzgerald

    I tried to escape computers and bring art into my life by taking up pottery as a hobby. I grew frustrated with pottery's lack of version control and undo, so I came crawling back to computers and started trying my hand generative art. I like computing 💾, bicycles 🚲, hiphop 🎧, books 📚, and pen plotters 🖋. My pronouns are he/him.

  • J is a developer with production experience in Haskell and Rust. They attended the Recurse Center over the winter of 2018-19 where they contributed to a handful of open source projects, including Rustdoc. They think that Rust's type system and welcoming community have enabled them to contribute to the ecosystem more easily. J currently writes Haskell at SimSpace.

  • QuietMisdreavus


    QuietMisdreavus is the lead of the Rustdoc Team and a member of the Docs Team. She's contributed code and reviews to rustdoc and, and has lurked in the Compiler Team's chatrooms long enough to understand some of the lingo. She has a passion for thorough and understandable documentation, as well as for guiding contributors through her favorite codebases.

  • Gargi Sharma

    Gargi Sharma

    Gargi is a Software Engineer currently attending the Recurse Center. Gargi loves everything about Systems Programming, shady syscalls and Modern Art.

  • Yoshua Wuyts

    Yoshua Wuyts

    Yosh is a software researcher. He is member of the CLI WG, WASM WG, and the Async Ecosystem WG, and has worked on databases and networking protocols in Rust. Prior to using Rust full-time, Yosh was on the Node.js Streams WG, created the Choo framework, and helped author over 400 packages on npm.

  • Eliza Weisman

    Eliza Weisman

    Eliza Weisman is a software engineer at Buoyant, Inc, focusing on fast and reliable networking software. Eliza is a contributor to the linkerd2, tokio, and tower open-source projects, and the primary maintainer of tokio-trace. She lives in Oakland, CA with her partner, her dog, her awful cat, and her other awful cat.

  • Adam Perry

    Adam Perry

    Adam Perry works on an operating system at a tech company. He used to spend a lot of time helping in #rust-beginners, is the author and erstwhile maintainer of rfcbot, and currently runs lolbench.

  • Josh Triplett

    Josh Triplett

    Josh Triplett hacks on system software, including the Linux kernel, Rust, Git, Debian, and Chrome OS. Josh cares deeply about writing low-level systems code in high-level Rust. Josh has previously presented at Kernel Summit,, Linux Plumbers Conference, Embedded Linux Conference, LinuxCon, RustConf, PyCon, Open Source Bridge, and the USENIX Annual Technical Conference. Josh is a Principal Engineer at Intel. (Not speaking for Intel.)

  • Ashley Williams
    • Trainer

    Ashley Williams


  • Stjepan Glavina
    • Trainer

    Stjepan Glavina

    Stjepan works at Ferrous Systems and is currently improving Rust’s library ecosystem in order to make asynchronous programming easier and more efficient. He’s the main author of Crossbeam and interested in everything that has to do with concurrency or parallelism.


  • Sean Griffin
    • Trainer

    Sean Griffin

    Sean is co-lead of the team, the creator of, and co-host of If there's a way to abuse Rust's trait system, they've probably done so.

  • Sunjay Varma
    • Trainer

    Sunjay Varma

    Sunjay Varma is a software developer with experience in a number of different areas including compilers, web development, game development, and much more. An avid contributor to open source, Sunjay has spent much of his career creating free software and free online learning resources. In his spare time, Sunjay enjoys reading about interesting programming topics, watching comedy, playing board games, and hacking on projects online.

  • Josh Bowman-Matthews
    • Trainer

    Josh Bowman-Matthews

    Josh Bowman-Matthews builds web browsers and communities for a living at Mozilla. He enjoys demolishing barriers to participation in open source projects. He also sings in a barbershop quartet.


  • Cora Sherratt
    • Trainer

    Cora Sherratt

    Cora Sherratt has worked in everything from GSM radio to 3D interactive maps, and has been trying to inject Rust into corporate stacks for years. In her spare time she dabbles in gamedev, tries to resurrect antiquated computer systems, and pretends to be a cat on the Internet.